Project Description

The model is presented to potential buyers in real estate fairs, where they can choose the block they want to live in, and see what utilities they have in the immediate neighborhood. The layout is illuminated with LEDs, and is protected with an anti-dust plexiglass cover.

Residential building scale models are intricate representations of homes, apartments, or smaller living spaces. They play a crucial role in the development and presentation of architectural designs, offering a tactile and visual aid to architects, clients, and investors.

The creation of residential scale models demands precision and attention to detail. Architects and model makers meticulously craft these models to accurately represent the architect’s vision. Scale, materials, colors, and textures must align with the intended final structure to convey an accurate depiction.

Beyond aiding visualization, these models facilitate decision-making. They allow clients to physically interact with the proposed space, fostering better understanding and informed choices regarding design elements, layout modifications, and material selections.