Model Making in Architecture

Model Making in Architecture – Why Does it Matter? In the absence of an architect who can make the difference or an expert who can make the difference in a construction, an architectural model can be an equally important element [...]

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How to Make an Architectural Model

Once we have agreed what materials we will use for architectural models, we can continue the process of creating these miniature works of art. Here are some steps for this process: – Measurement. Since architectural models show the way we [...]

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3 Reasons to use an architectural model

For an architect, an architectural model is a real artifact that comprises all the possibilities in terms of construction. Such an architectural model can offer several advantages even to ordinary people. These models have an extremely vast and long history [...]

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What is a model maker’s role?

A model maker's specialism is to create and produce three-dimensional scaled models from two-dimensional drawings. Beyond the required skills of project management, albeit on a small scale, organizational ability and of course being able to see things in 3D, the [...]

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