Project Description

This model is an industrial one and it represents a factory that manages the production and packaging of cellulosic materials. The Rossman group is just one of the subsidiaries, but there are many opened more in several countries such as France, England and Hungary. The group’s motto is “Passion d’emballer”. The model was designed for the opening of the factory, and then to be located in the lobby next to reception. That way it could be seen by any visitor, and remain a symbol of the plant.

A great deal of care has been put into creating the logo, situate on the facade of the office building, as well as for the presentation of the embarkation of the wood pallets area where the cartons are later placed. Made at a 1: 150 scale, the mosaic includes not only the main production buildings, but also the surrounding areas: the green spaces, the parking lot for cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Furthermore, the trees were carefully placed after a predetermined landscaping plan.