Do you want to make a model of a factory, a warehouse or another industrial space? We can help you. Blueprint Architecture puts into practice architectural models with an incredible degree of detail meant to fulfill various purposes.

In our portfolio there are general models, models for churches and places of worship, models for houses and villas, real estate, urban planning and even for various competitions. In addition to all this, we take orders for architectural models for factories, halls, warehouses and other industrial spaces.

In general, these models are special because they render large blocks of storage or several associations of buildings that communicate with each other, highlight specific industrial elements and how they fit into the area.

If you need such an architectural model for the factory and you want to see what other similar projects our portfolio includes, here are 5 architectural models that we have successfully completed.

Hammerer Factory

This industrial model is an aluminium recycling plant. The plant will have an annual recycling capacity of 75,000 tons of aluminum, will create 80 new jobs and will generate a turnover of 75 million Euros. This project will be a premiere in Eastern Europe and will use the latest technology for aluminum processing. The implementation of this project will stimulate the population to collect and sort aluminum products.

Rossman Factory

This model is an industrial one and it represents a factory that manages the production and packaging of cellulosic materials. The Rossman group is just one of the subsidiaries, but there are many opened more in several countries such as France, England and Hungary.

The group’s motto is “Passion d’emballer”. The model was designed for the opening of the factory, and then to be located in the lobby next to reception. That way it could be seen by any visitor, and remain a symbol of the plant.

A great deal of care has been put into creating the logo, situate on the facade of the office building, as well as for the presentation of the embarkation of the wood pallets area where the cartons are later placed.

Made at a 1: 150 scale, the mosaic includes not only the main production buildings, but also the surrounding areas: the green spaces, the parking lot for cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Furthermore, the trees were carefully placed after a predetermined landscaping plan.


Do you want to make a model of a factory, a warehouse or another industrial space? We can help you.

Blueprint Architecture puts into practice architectural models with an incredible degree of detail meant to fulfill various purposes.

Romcab factory

This model was designed with the purpose to be presented at the opening of a cable factory. The model was made on a 1: 200 scale and made of PVC, painted in the colors requested by the beneficiary. The artificial grass, the trees painted in green shades and the cars give a touch of realism to the model.

A base was also designed on which the model would be exposed during the ceremony, with the overall dimensions reaching 3 x 1.4 meters. A legend was added in the right side, and on each important site of the factory was added a figure with the correspondent in the legend so that the viewer can understand the project better, while the model was not covered by explanatory labels.

Gas platform model

The model represents a platform used for the extraction of natural gases from the sea.The client wanted us to put emphasis on the route that the gas pipe follows, from the actual extraction of the gas until the resources are processed, stored and transported.

The pipes were made out of copper wire, which was painted yellow, this being the color code for gas pipes.All the pipes that cross the platform were placed on support structures, just like in reality.We provided a legend with corresponding points to the layout for the non-field visitors to better understand each section with its function and purpose.

CNG Fuelling Station

The well-known international brand “Engie” contacted us to create a model for one of their numerous compressed gas stations and fuel for cars and vans. The model will be presented to investors, and then will be placed in the company in a very visible place so that any visitor can enjoy the miniature of a representative Engie project.

There were detailed main elements such as fuel pumps, utility equipment, the interior of the office, but also the green spaces, going far to the details of the color of the flowers. The cars were marked with the company logo, and the people were dyed in the colors of the company to create not just a simple model but a brand image.


An architectural model can explain much better and in an easier way what you are going to build. Regardless of the industrial sector in which you operate, such a model will be perfect to represent the buildings, the number of annexes, technical elements and many others. Any type of project can be realized, but the most popular industrial structures are:

  • Factories;
  • Halls;
  • Deposits;
  • Installations;
  • Marine platforms;
  • Wind farms;
  • Photovoltaic parks.

Architectural models are very popular tools, being increasingly used by architects and builders. Regardless of the size, location or scale of the project, these industrial models can help you complete your work and be able to more easily convince entrepreneurs to invest in your vision.