Once we have agreed what materials we will use for architectural models, we can continue the process of creating these miniature works of art.

Here are some steps for this process:

– Measurement. Since architectural models show the way we can represent a large building at a small scale, the initial measurement is extremely important. To ensure that we make the model at the right scale and according to customer’s requirements, we will make all necessary measurements.

– Prototyping. Before actually building the model, depending on the size of the project, we can make some quick samples to make sure that the measurements are correct and that the elements fit together correctly.

How to Make an Architectural Model

– We will make the architectural model using appropriate tools such as sharp blades, scissors, utility knives, squares. We can also use ultra-modern equipment with very good precision to speed up the whole process. For example, we could use a laser cutter for cutting materials, 3D printer, CNC equipment, etc.

– We use strong adhesive to join elements. When choosing the right adhesive we must also take into account the nature of the material. It is also important that the adhesive does not remain visible as this will compromise the final aesthetic image.

Therefore, we use glue sticks, wipe off the excess adhesive, apply hot plastic with a soldering gun or we are limited to double-sided adhesive tape. We do all this depending on the nature of the project and the requirements we initially receive regarding the model.

– Surrounding elements. Many architectural models are not limited to the construction itself, but we must add additional elements which increase the realism of the work. The architectural model does not only refer to the building itself because for a customer or for the target audience, it is important to know how that building will fit into the landscape.

scale model

That’s why we add trees, cars, lighting poles, bushes, people, traffic signs, street furniture, etc. All this will help the viewers to get a more accurate idea of what the project will look like in the end. In addition, the spectators will be much more captivated by the whole scene rendered on the architectural model.

Basically, this is the procedure we follow when we make a new architectural model. In reality, each new project represents a challenge and additional interventions or actions may be needed to complete a quality, attractive, resilient, faithful, precise, practical and functional architectural model.

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