Project Description

This project stands out mainly because of its location which is a very accessible one, and also for the material use not only for the exterior design, but for the interior too. The volumetric dimensions of this building are atypical with a focus on the best lighting system for each apartment, the proportions of the rooms, the view from the windows, and last but not least the cost of maintenance. The model was made at a 1:100 scale, out of laser-extruded acrylic plates.

There was a great emphasis on making the finishes, the tones of the façade, and the arrangement of the terrace as realistic as possible. Naturally, entourage elements such as: people and vegetation, and the lighting system did not miss from the model as they give it a realistic feel. The building has a “Green Building Certification” which means that it fallows design principles that take into account the characteristics of the site.