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    We have been working for the last 15 years to develop our services, operations and our ability to provide quality and timely architectural models, renderings and architectural animations. We have customers in 20 countries around the world, and the feedback has been constant and positive.

    Starting this year, we aim to expand our business network and support more companies around the world. We know that the need for our type and level of service exists, but it is difficult to be everywhere. This is why we rely on you, our future partner, to be our lighthouse and to channel these businesses to Blueprint Architecture.

    You may be working in real estate, financial consulting, interior design or construction and spend most of your time surrounded by potential customers: people who need better presentation materials for their projects.

    We appreciate your support, which is why the Blueprint Architecture recommendation does not end with a simple thank you, but with additional income. Once we have completed the contact and the company recommended by you becomes our customer, your work is done and you receive 10% of his order. It may be the easiest way to earn your money.

    High Expertise

    The company has 15 years since the first product was created, and gathers architects and professionals capable to transform even the most complex projects in realistic models.

    Optimized Processes

    We constantly look into our operational flows looking to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to have a smooth process and a great service.

    International Portfolio

    We have created models for industrial or residential projects across 20 states. And that lead us to think our service is not only competitive, but also above general standards.



    Blueprint stands for spotless architectural modelling, clean renderings, and professionally designed video presentations. We cover both industrial and residential projects with a highly experienced and dedicated team.

    3D Rendering
    Architectural Visualization


    The quality of a business depends on the satisfaction of its partners. Here are the three main ways in which this program contributes to personal or professional success.

    Once you get to know us you will see how simple it is to help your clients, us and yourself. It’s a win-win-win with 10% extra benefits.

    If your clients’ sales impact your business directly, this might be the strongest point. Architectural models, renderings and video presentations help investors get a better understanding of the project and avoid many questions on the way.

    Taking a burden from your clients or offering them quality support will contribute to their satisfaction and the length of your collaboration.

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    We have common goals: loyal and impressed customers. So let’s show you what we do.

    All our services support the sales department in offering a buyer a clear overview of the project. There are moments and markets where online is the best place to get interest. That is why professional video presentations and renderings for residential and industrial buildings are a great help.

    If customers can see at a glance what they are paying for, they will take much less to decide if they like it. Once this step is done, the path falls under the usual procedures.

    Business is a lot about image. Sloppy materials can lead a buyer to think poorly about the supplier. A high quality and spotless presentation support will however build trust and loyalty.

    How does it work?

    We like simple things. This program is designed to save time and increase revenue.

    pasive income
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    More customers, more passive income

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    About us

    For 15 years, we have gathered or extended know-how, building a solid portfolio and got our services to the international market. Furthermore, for 15 years we have gathered satisfied and loyal clients.



    “Epstein’s collaboration with Blueprint Architecture has been very good. All our requirements have been answered promptly and flexibly and the strong point is that you are a team that adapts to the requirements of the customers.”

    Nicole Sommer, Epstein

    “The collaboration with Blueprint Architecture was very easy, they provided us with all the necessary information to make a perfect model. I highly recommend them because they do their job very well and they are professionals.”

    Pastrav Adrian, Regnum Residence and Spa

    “The investor of our project (of German origin) appreciated the quality of the model, emphasizing that the decision to make the model in Romania (and not in Germany as he had originally intended) was a very good one.”

    Vlad Sârbu, Manager Proiect

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