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We are a team of idealistic architects, 3D artists, and constructors who have never ceased to play with architectural shapes and styles. Back in 2011 we discovered that we could make something beautiful and valuable out of this passion: architectura lmodels in which the artistic elements, the geometry, and space came together naturally and wonderfully.

We have a great deal of patience and we are incredibly detail-oriented when it comes to creating dioramas, 3D rendering, animations, and mockups. Yet, in time, we have learned to optimize our workflow to be able to deliver the best results at the right time, without straying away from the vision that has defined us.


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This allows us to offer innovative solutions for our customers, solutions that are aimed towards the streamlining of their real estate process. Add a healthy dose of professionalism and expertise to this “recipe” and you can easily understand how we have managed to win over even the most demanding clients. Over the years, we have established wonderful collaborations with clients from countries like Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Austria, Monaco, the US, the UK, or France.


Architectural models are the most useful method you can take advantage of if you want to make people use all their senses in the process of discovering the buildings that are yet to be built. They’re a tangible piece of reality- one that we can interact with as we wish, depending on our level of curiosity and interest. At Blueprint Architecture, we create architectural models for real estate agents and brokers who want to sell properties better and faster.

We also create models for commercial buildings and cultural projects and, last but not least, models for industrial projects. With a high degree of complexity, industrial mockups are extremely detailed, as their main purpose is to present in the clearest way possible the relationship between the components of the platforms, the potential interdependencies, and the workflow optimization, depending on each part of the platform or the industrial complex.


3D Rendering Services

The first step towards the success of your project is the vision. We can bring it to life through 3D digital design and 3D renderings. These renderings will help potential clients put things into perspective much more easily. This technique allows you to better highlight all the important features of your project from different angles and in great detail.

Why you should choose our 3D rendering services:
  • You can bring to life the mockup of the building you want to promote through a computer-generated 3D simulation.
  • You can highlight many more details than would be possible if you only used a traditional mockup.
  • Offer your potential clients the possibility to explore the apartment or the housing complex in which they are going to live, from the inside out.

Industrial Models

Do you want to make a model of a factory, a warehouse or another industrial space? We can help you. Blueprint Architecture puts into practice architectural models with an incredible degree of detail meant to fulfill various purposes.

In our portfolio there are general models, models for churches and places of worship, models for blocks of flats, houses and villas, real estate, urban planning and even for various competitions. In addition to all this, we take orders for architectural models for factories, halls, warehouses and other industrial spaces.

In general, these models are special because they render large blocks of storage or several associations of buildings that communicate with each other, highlight specific industrial elements and how they fit into the area.

If you need such an architectural model for the factory and you want to see what other similar projects our portfolio includes, here are 6 architectural models that we have successfully completed.



“The collaboration with Blueprint Architecture was very easy, they provided us with all the necessary information to make a perfect model. I highly recommend them because they do their job very well and they are professionals.”

Our Clients

"The collaboration with Blueprint Architecture was very easy, they provided us with all the necessary information to make a perfect model. I highly recommend them because they do their job very well and they are professionals."

Pastrav Adrian
Regnum Residence and Spa

"Epstein's collaboration with Blueprint Architecture has been very good. All our requirements have been answered promptly and flexibly and the strong point is that you are a team that adapts to the requirements of the customers.

Nicole Sommer


"The investor of our project (of German origin) appreciated the quality of the model, emphasizing that the decision to make the model in Romania (and not in Germany as he had originally intended) was a very good one."

Vlad Sârbu
Manager Proiect


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