Architectural scale models are built according to the project submitted by the beneficiary. Upon analysis, the model components are designed electronically. It would be best to submit blueprints in digital format: Autocad, Archicad, 3dsMax, Pdf, etc. The model’s size is set by the scale you need. Most common are 1:100, 1:50, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, and the choice depends on the type of scale model you want (urbanism, detailed, low-detail, etc.).

Most of the time, architectural scale models are built based on digital blueprints, but a physical support is also acceptable (architectural drawings and photographs that can be scanned and vectorized). Also useful are facades, sections and axonometric and perspective imagery. In addition, we will need to know the scale or size you require. The scale can be adjusted so that it fits the proportions you set. Other helpful information: deadline, whether or not the model will feature a lighting system or a Plexiglas protection case.

The range of materials we can use is quite extensive (Plexiglas, forex, wood, cardboard, metal, glass, etc.), and virtually any architectural material can be imitated. The colours will match the ones you used in your project, and so will material textures (mullioned windows, alucobond, tiles, pergolas, etc.). You can find further details about materials in the “Materials” section in “Laser processing”.

Pieces are cut using both laser and mechanical technology. A high level of details can be obtained – as small as 0,5 mm.

Upon request, a LED-based lighting system can be incorporated, should you need a night-time scenery or a particular area to be highlighted. You can also go for two or more separate circuits, e.g. one for street lighting, and one for indoor lighting.

There is no standard price for architectural scale models, as it all depends on the deadline, dimensions (height, width, length), materials, details, accessories (lighting, Plexiglas protection case, demountable roof, cars, furniture, etc.).

The execution time depends on several factors, such as the stage in which your project is, whether modifications are needed, details, size, etc., and it can range from a few days to several weeks.

We have been building architectural scale models for 9 years, and our rich portfolio is proof of our skills and expertise.

Our architectural scale models can be shipped anywhere in Romania or abroad. This will be reflected in the price, as a shipping insurance will be needed to ensure that both parties are fully protected.

Upon request, entourage elements can be added to your scale model, such as cars, trees, grass, people, street lighting poles, park benches, etc.