About Blueprint Architecture

We are Blueprint Architecture, and this is our story.We started our business 15 years ago when we discovered that our passion for space geometry can combine very well with artistic elements.

The results are wonderful architectural models.Along the way, we have approached different domains and accepted with joy and courage any new challenge, no matter the complexity of them.

We are a team of architects, idealists, 3D artists, builders and we are interested in identifying the best solutions for making the real estate process efficient, starting with the design phase.We are constantly motivated by a strong dose of passion.

So far, we have made over 250 architectural designs for customers from over 20 countries of the world.

At Blueprint Architecture we combine the expertise of our professionals in 3D rendering, the talent and the architect’s complex know-how package, the skills of our project managers and our experience accumulated over 15 years of activity.We do all of this to provide our clients with the best results.We act in a dynamic, scientific and artistic field of fantastic complexity, and this is what motivates us every day.

Why choose Blueprint Architecture?

Taking into account our architectural biography and the fact that we master perfectly all three-dimensional modeling styles, we have at your disposal an unmatched experience that can only be acquired over years of work and dedication.We understand your ideas and vision.We are fully prepared to reproduce the most complex real estate projects.Furthermore, we will do it with special attention to every detail and with a degree of finesse that astonishes and pleases all our clients.

From the first stage of our collaboration, we can help you design and plan your architectural model, identifying the most appropriate rendering scale, style and level of detail.Our wish is to ensure that the future architectural layout will faithfully transmit all relevant information in the most cost-effective way for you.

At Blueprint Architecture we know that patience is a virtue.Generally, creating a model is a very time-consuming operation, and if you are not meticulous, you risk becoming superficial.The quality of our models reflects the thrift and ability of our specialists that know how to combine artistic elements with digital, technical, mathematical and spatial notions.

So far we have made architectural models for: industrial projects, real estate, residential buildings, churches and castles, complex urban designs, landscaping, interior designs, villas and special exhibitions.

In fact, we are able to provide you with a physical representation of any model you could think of.

In a world dominated by digitization, some might look at handcrafted models as an old-fashioned product.Incorrect! Handmade models are extremely valuable tools for various types of real estate projects.The most renowned real estate developers and entrepreneurs understand this perfectly and they devote a special time to 3D modeling in the running of any project.

Our manual 3D modeling services can reproduce precise physical representations that can bring design concepts to life.They provide a unique sense of proportion, scale and perspective, all of which couldn’t be achieved through printed or exclusively electronic models
We have specialized material cutting equipment and over time we have greatly improved our working style, becoming more and more efficient and precise.

Marketing component: an invitation to express your own style.

Ultimately, the purpose of any architectural model is to sell an architectural style.As model designers, we strive to make smart choices to highlight the most important and most beautiful features of your projects every time.Architects, house builders and interior designers now have a powerful tool to differentiate between competitors: models.


Our story goes further with each architectural layout that is rigorously elaborated and always delivered on time.